search for stars


Sometimes it’s just about pulling that little bit of faith left, even when you don’t feel like it. There is that little bit left. Just gotta search for it..

So many times the stars seem to disappoint. They rise up so quickly but yet they fall back down just as fast. Shooting stars, we call them. They create excitement for a split second, and then they’re gone. You wish they would stay, but the truth is that they won’t. They can’t.

Then we look for the stars that do stay. Those that twinkle and glimmer. Those that seem to look at us in the eye and call our name. They don’t fall. They remain in the sky and speak as a reminder of promises from above. Yet the truth is: the stars shine only in the darkness of the night. It is only when the orange face of the sun hides its face and the black velvet veil cloaks the sky, that the stars can reveal their beauty. Only in the darkness of the night.

And sometimes, the darkness seems overwhelming and too much to bear. They resemble the shadow of death and hint at the smell of fear. The mystery of the future and the haunting aftertaste of history.

In those times, oh.. don’t you run away — it’s just the dark before the morning.

So meanwhile, look up. Search for the stars again. In the darkest nights, light shines the brightest..

So do stars.. (:


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