Saturday Morning

I love going to sleep on Friday nights because I know I’m gonna wake up to a Saturday morning. (:

Today I woke up… and I wondered how many people can wake up early and excited for their weekend ahead.

During my secondary school days, I know many who went shopping.

During my JC days, they were mugging.

Now during my post-JC days, they’re back to shopping (and eating hahaha).

This is definitely generalisation – but what I mean is every weekend, it could very well be just another weekend. Of fun and laughter and obtaining gastronomical pleasure.

Well I guess a decision I made years back has made my weekends a little different.

Every weekend, I step into Heart of God church.

It was the case when I was 13. The same case when I was 15. The same when I was 17. And now, the same that I am 19.

The same place, every weekend. The same MRT station. The same road to the white gate. The same bubble lift.

If you think about it, it’s amazing. I remember SP sharing that Christianity is the religion that requires the most commitment. Every weekend, the same..

Yet, it is what remains the same that attracts me.

The same presence of God.

Pastor Lia said that a mark of distinction in heart of God church is the presence of God that we have. Because we are so very privileged to have Pastors who first paid the price of time, pioneers who paid the price of sacrifice to lay down the foundations of this place.

Because we are a people who are hungry to draw near, and God draws even nearer.

And every weekend, I am a personal witness to lives transformed and changed. In fact, not just a witness but a testimony.

The place may be the same. The environment may be the same. The presence of God is the same. But when I step into Heart of God church, I never leave the same.

Saturday morning.. 🙂 grateful to be in HOGC. 🙂


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