new season


To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

– Ecclesiastes 3:1

Seasons are not determined by time frames.. but directed by the purposes of God. There is a time for everything. And who better knows the right time to do the right thing than the One who is in control of time itself, who better than the One who has the big picture, the Alpha and Omega..

“Get out of the old season. It is over. Step into the new season. Think differently. Speak differently. Do things differently. Faith, it is a new season..” 

Even in the natural seasons of life – spring, summer, autumn, winter… there is a time for different things. In summer, it is a time for ice-cream, sun-tanning. In autumn, it is a time to rake leaves, to enjoy the breeze. In winter, it is a time to bundle up, to snowboard, to have snowball fights… (don’t know much about these because I’m in Singapore)

Some seasons feel a little tougher than the others. But for every season, it is so encouraging to know that God is in control. That He has a purpose to fulfil. So the question isn’t “why?” – but “so, what do You want me to do and grow in?”

A season to find identity in the Creator.
A season to be assured of security in the Father.
A season to experience healing by the Healer.
A season to wait on the Lord.
A season for faith to be tested by the Author & the Finisher.
A season for trust to be built on the Rock.

So many more… as I walk through the seasons of my life, I have come to understand a little more of what God is trying to do. And the more I understand the more grateful and in awe I am that while my God is putting everything into place on the bigger picture, He is looking out for the smallest details at the same time, looking out for every little area in my life.. (and He’s the one holding the stars in the sky!!)

Yet – I remember that in every season, some things stay the same.

In the natural seasons of life, the sun is still shining, just at different intensities. The sun still rises from the East, but it seems to do so at different timings. The same sun, just appearing in a different way, in a different time..

No matter what season I am in… it comforts me to know that

the love of God stays the same
the presence of God stays the same
the word of God stays the same
the power of God stays the same
the heart of God stays the same

For He is the same yesterday, today and forever..

God’s heart is always for salvations. Always for the lost. Always loving people. Always for giving people a purpose, a hope, a destiny..

My heart was so full yesterday upon hearing of all the stories of healing and salvation. Rachel’s testimony was (is!) so moving and so powerful, I wanted to cry thinking of how God is gonna use her story to bring faith and miracles to many others.. (so privileged to have her as my friend!) Seeing lives coming into the CEG being touched and changed. Watching people in the CG rising up to share John 3:16. Liking a post on Instagram of a girl whom I’ve just known for 2 weeks about how she loves the people in church. And I just thought to myself, wow, I can do this for the rest of my life..

Because while the seasons of life change, some things just don’t.

All of my life, in every season, You are still God.
In every season, let me simply be chasing after Your heart.
I just want to be more like You.


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