Here I am… 

Just a thought.. 

When God chose people to deliver His word to His children, He chose the inadequate. 

Moses was on the run and scared to death. Samuel was a boy living in a corrupt nation. Jeremiah was a youth. Peter was impulsive. Paul was a persecutor. 

But God still chose them.. Truly God is able to take someone that nobody can use and use him/her like nobody else can. He is the one who uses the weak to shame the strong, who uses the foolish to shame the wise.. 

The more I know God and grow in my walk, the more inadequate I feel. The more unworthy, the more I realise I don’t know… 

Today even while preparing for CG I was just thinking to myself, who am I that God would want to use me to speak His word, to lead His people.. 

Yet there was just one desire in my heart – that God would accomplish His purposes through me. That I would be a vessel for Him to use freely, in any way He wants. 

What a privilege to be used by God. What an honour to serve the king of Kings. 

Never forgetting where I came from. Never forgetting to be grateful. 

And in every area and season of my life, let the cry always be “Here I am, send me, use me…!!!” 


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