Happy Daddy Day 

I know technically Father’s Day is over. But the night hasn’t ended according to the youth’s clock so… (:

Just thinking about how grateful I am to be a youth in Heart of God church. This Father’s Day, I remember 3 reasons..

1. This is where I knew my Heavenly Father. 

Growing up in a Christian family may have given me a religion, but it sure didn’t give me a relationship. I still remember so blown away by the first service I had in HOGC purely because of the passion everyone had for God. You can never have so much passion for something/someone that you don’t know personally. Here I saw how people know God and not just know about Him. And because I wanted the same, I stayed. One of the best decisions of my life.

Religion: just God vs Relationship: FATHER, Friend, Creator, Healer, Lord, Saviour etc etc etc..

“You are my beloved son (daughter), in whom I am well pleased.”

Having God as my Father has given me security, self-worth, significance and so much more that no one else had ever given, that nothing else ever will.

2. This is where I found my spiritual father. 

It is one thing to call your pastor your spiritual father because it’s typical “church lingo” and another thing to really mean it.

I really mean it. Because simply by how my pastor lives his life, by the hard work he puts into building a home for us youths, by the thought he puts into every sermon and every life, by the time he spends on knowing us as individuals — he is more than anyone could ever ask of a spiritual dad. 

Proud and privileged and grateful to call Pastor How my spiritual father (:  When you read what he wrote here for the youths without father figures in their lives last year for father’s day, you would understand even more..

3. This is where I loved my earthly father. 

One of the core values of heart of God church is family. It is here where I learnt to appreciate what my dad has done. It is here where I chose to love rather than be obligated by a biological tie. It is here  where I was able to see the good in the midst of the storms. It is here where I realised I can love my dad more than I ever did before.

Haha. Yeah. Never did anything to deserve to be in heart of God church, but here I am anyway… Not gonna ever take it for granted. Thankful for the fathers in my life. (:

Last thought before the day ends: God, thank You. Now, would You use me to bring a fatherless generation to know You..


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