You are Mine

the ultimate goal…

it really isn’t to grow a big and great cg. not to serve in the most number of ministries. not to be counted as the best leader, nor to have the most number of followers. it isn’t to become the wisest, nor to be recognised as the very able..

but it is to come before God 10, 20, 40, 60 years later and say, “Hey God, I still love You as passionately – in fact, even more. I have known a little more of You and I realised how much I still don’t know. And I can’t help but desire for even more of You in every season of my life.”

it is to look back and know that every single thing that I have ever said and done was out of the purest intention to glorify and bring the greatest honour to the only one deserving.

it is to be able to say that I have given up that which has costs me something – and just as much as I gave with nothing to lose – I will give just as much and more with everything at stake.

it is to walk in revelation that I am His, and He is mine..

first a christian, before a leader.
first a child, before a servant.

I guess to really know You is to want know You more.


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