why I love my Pastor

Today is Heart of God church’s senior pastor, Pastor How’s birthday. 🙂 There are so many things about him that I can say to appreciate and honour him for. Just by looking at how he personally spends hours simply replying the Instagram posts of the church members, I am so touched and in awe. He doesn’t need to reply, but he does it anyway because he is more than our pastor, he is our spiritual father. He doesn’t just say that he cares about us and he loves us. But he means what he says. Though SP preaches the best sermons, I always feel that above those, his life and his actions speak the loudest.

For the first week of RF, Pastor How taught us this:

The father’s decisions and actions have consequences and natural effects for their children.

While it is true for the bad decisions and actions some people may have made, it is also true for the good, for the noble, for the sacrificial decisions and actions.

My Pastor has been the kind of father who has made such selfless decisions that have resulted in great kingdom-shaking consequences and effects that will reach down to generations. I cannot wait to tell my children and my children’s children about our Pastor who first showed me what it means to love God.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.38.59 am

I always look back at what SP commented on my instagram/tweeted me previously,way back since 3 years ago. And I ask myself, what must it take to have a heart so big as my Pastors. How is it that they have the capacity to love so much and so many. Pastor How has celebrated me when I reached the mountains and he has encouraged me down in the valleys. He has cast vision in front of me when I was confused and he has propelled me forward when I thought I was slowing down. He has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and he has taught me when I didn’t know there was something to learn. He has comforted me when I felt discomfort and he has affirmed me when I was most undeserving.

The church may be 3000 now and we will grow – and the thing I know for sure is that Pastor How and Pastor Lia’s hearts will be found loving every single individual that is added into the family. I pray that everyone who comes would never lose the love, honour and respect that we have for our Pastors because they are more than deserving. SPs have given their time, their energy, their blood, their sweat, their tears, their money, their mind-space, their heart-space, their entire lives into building the place we call home, into building our lives.

Pastor Bill Wilson said that we owe them… and I think that is so true. Without Pastors, I would have no significance in life. Without Pastors, I wouldn’t have dreams that actually make a difference. Without Pastors, I would be empty with no character nor substance. And most importantly, without Pastors, I would not be loving God and knowing Him the way I do today…

I can say with full confidence that I will never be who I am without Pastor How and Pastor Lia. They are my heroes, my role models, my spiritual parents. Sometimes people are surprised when I tell them it is my greatest dream to be a full-time staff in church. While I know other jobs are great (Pastors have a business too anyway), as I see my Pastors work so hard doing what they do, they have showed me that there is no higher honour and no greater privilege than to serve God, and also, to serve the man and woman of God full-time… that is why it is my dream.

I love Jesus because He first loved me. Same thing for my Pastors, I love them because they first loved me. 🙂 Thank you Pastor How and Pastor Lia.


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