the Christmas STAR


Just thought about the Christmas that just passed. Feels so surreal. So privileged to be a part of Christmas 2015 in Heart of God church!

Matthew 2:10
“When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.”

There is something about the STAR of Christmas that I truly appreciate and treasure even as I spent this season in HOGC..

S for Stories

Christmas has always been about stories. The stories of many lives that have been, are being, and will be changed by the one story that truly matters. And the powerful thing is that each one of these stories are real. You can deny explanations and ideas but you can never deny the word of one’s testimony… oh I love stories. Many many more stories to come… that will tell of the greatest story of faith, hope and love that has ever been told (:

T for Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. I remember Pastor How blogging about the power of team in Heart of God church. It is so true that our church has never been built by individuals… but everything works because everyone works together. It took hundreds of people working hard even before the Christmas services happened. Some dance but can’t sing. Some sing but can’t design. Some design but can’t do media. And that’s the beauty of team. Same same but different. Different strengths, but same vision, same passion, same heart for God and people.

A for Atmosphere

Atmosphere is just that intangible thing in the air that either lifts you up or tears you down. Simple. I love Christmas in church because it’s more than the atmosphere of pretty lights and Christmas songs, but the faith that revives my heart. I may have woken up with things weighing me down but the moment I stepped into church, the light switch on the inside of me turns on and I feel more than ready to conquer the world. Haha.

R for Relationships

The place where family becomes friends and friends become family. Would never trade them for the world. Like what SP How said, we build bridges, not walls :) Also, church during Christmas is really not a religion-thing, it’s a relationship-thing. And what an honour it was to see many many people restore and reconcile that Relationship (: Best decision ever. 🙂


So yes… thank you to my Pastors and leaders and friends. Thank you HOGC. Thank you Jesus! 🙂

2 thoughts on “the Christmas STAR

  1. So well said. I’m very happy that you have grown so much. So much love, passion, faith. Continue to love and honor our Father.

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