life. (:

woohooooo I just finished preparing for a “speech” later in class. LOL.

it’s 4.10am and by right, it’s so late (early?!) I should be more tired than ever. no doubt the Haribo gummies helped but I think the biggest factor is because… I’m so happy. (: (:

I’m grateful for the fact that I can say with full confidence that I love my life. it’s far from perfect but I love it anyway. there’s God who is like, GOD. (: there’s people who are beyond awesome & amazing. and there’s purpose and significance. what more could I ask for…

IMG_2016-02-23 04:08:34

This photo is one of the many other photos that I regularly look at and say to myself, I can do this over and over again…also, just thinking about the decisions and salvations over the past weekend, my heart is so full.

genuinely excited about life. I pray that I will never become jaded. I will always remember it’s about loving God, loving people, loving life. It’s always been this simple. And it will always be this simple. (:

now, let’s do some slides.. 😀 and here’s to the start of another great day.



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