New season, new faith.001

I have a whole lot of things to do tonight but I just had to drop this somewhere:

What a privilege it is to be in Testimony ministry…story after story, each one moves me so much. Each leaves me thinking, wow, my God is so real. Every story is so precious to me, what more to God. Oh I love my ministry.

And… all the conversations, meals, etc… looking at a life changed – no doubt still work in progress (just like I am too) – to see the smile on her face and the light in her eyes, to sense the hope in her heart and the revival in her spirit… nothing makes me happier. I would do this over and over again. Life after life. Destiny after destiny.

Best life. I thank God for this every single day. It could have been anyone else.

Because I know this, I will love a little more. Pray a little longer. Lift my hands to believe again.

Excited for what is coming. New season. New faith. 🙂



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