before the paper,

That moment when you’re in the exam hall and it’s a minute before the invigilator says “you may start writing” –

I usually spend the minute before the paper either running through concepts in my head or just praying that I’ll stop being so anxious. But today it was different. Unexpectedly it became one of those ignited moments for me.

I remember Pastor How sharing that ignited moments come when we give up something to God, and God touches us.

A minute before the paper – I thought of people… The two girls who just completed follow up last week. The other two that I’ve known since 4 years ago. The new friends I’ve made over the past few weeks. The team that I live life and love people with. Every face has a different story, a real story. And gratitude just hit me. So, so grateful.

I asked myself if I regretted anything. Maybe the moments of lost nights when I KOed or the moments of procrastination…hahaha. But other than that… no regrets.

So right there in that minute before the paper, I told God that I am grateful. I said thank You – because it is such a privilege to live for God and for others.

Then, I told God that if I had to choose, no matter what the score or the GPA, I would choose this epic, radical, roller-coaster life all over again. I would choose people again. I told God I would choose Him – again and again.

I’m determined that it’s possible to do well and do good. And that’s my goal… but sometimes, you just got to know if you had to choose, what would you choose?

I guess I knew for sure today. No turning back. 🙂

(now….back to words & sounds of English, yipeeeeee)



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