we decide. 

The truth is: we always have a choice. “Our job is to keep making upright decisions in life.” 

Sometimes we get options – we pick, and we choose. 

Sometimes we get opinions – we evaluate, and we choose. 

Sometimes we get opportunities – we discern, and we choose. 

We decide which path to take, which people to trust, which perspective to adopt. 

We decide which leader(s) to follow, which lesson to learn from, which lifestyle to live. 

We decide which values to uphold, which vision to chase, which victory to work for. 

Circumstances can’t change Convictions.  Problems can’t change Purpose. Conflicts can’t change character. 

And pre-made decisions are pre-made for a reason.
Everything I say is a decision. Every move I make is a decision. Every thought I think is a decision. 

“Your decisions determine your destiny.” “Every right decision made daily brings you one step closer to your destiny.” 

For the rest of my life… I pray to make right decisions – godly decisions. 

They make all the difference. 


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